Traumah Loops - Music Producers' Network


The first educational social network aimed for music producers all around the world.

WTFunk Is Traumahloops?!

Traumah Loops is a universe of music producers from ALL over the globe uniting and coming together as one funky unit in the name of good music making and sound idea creation.

Music is life. Life is a cycle. A circle. Music + Life = Loop

Hip Hop spawned from a drum loop and gave birth to a universal wave of music. A movement that got a world full of diverse people dancing together to one vibe.

Bridging the gap between the beatmakers, music producers, sound engineers, and sound designers once and forever, is an educational creative network of like minded souls who live by the beat of our own drum(s).

Come join the power circle and and stay in the loop to get the latest scoop.


Traumahloop-topia - A Music Producer’s "Digital Paradise!”

Now you have your very own spot to come socialize, connect, learn and earn. A place to come and share your special gifts, priceless ideas, and timeless talents. 24/7. No restrictions. No limitations. Free creative expression is encouraged here. Post your beats all day and night long. Network with others and listen to their beats.

Traumah Loops is the positive and productive environment necessary to help any truly passionate producer thrive in your music production career and enhance your sound while at the same time expanding your current knowledge, network, and networth.

The More You Know, The Further You Go & Bigger You Grow.

From video courses on beatmaking and master music production methods, to audio lectures on music business/publishing, beat selling and licensing, Traumah Loops is designed to educate the modern day music producer on how to make a good living doing what we LOVE to do most - Make dope beats.

Let us show you how to easily start your own music production business and run a successful money making sound empire. Discover how to sacredly create your own original, organic analog and digital sounds.

Traumah Loops doesn’t have instructors. We have Music Mentors who are trained to treat and teach each and every one of you like family. Come join the movement.

Coming soon.


Sound Design

Beat Making

The Team

3 creative individuals coming together to create a creative network, sound resource, and music educational platform for music producers all around the world.

Traumah Brahma [ Founder/Marketing ]



Anik Devaughn [ Co-Founder/IT ]



Derek Green [ Co-Founder/Networking ]